Pendus, Haiti, and the areas we serve there can be seen on the map attached to this link. The legend will help you understand the terrain and areas we serve.

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An earthquake, 5.9 in intensity hit Northwest Haiti at approx 9 pm on 10-06-18. The epicenter was 12 miles northwest of Port au Paix, Haiti, approximately 30 miles from Pendus, Haiti.
Approximately 150 homes in Pendus were damaged or destroyed.  There has been damage to the Church.  The seriousness of this is being assessed.  There has been damage to the clinic from the earthquake and water damage from heavy rains—roof is in need of repair.  Refugees from the Chapel Communities of Masak and Moyombe have come to Pendus seeking food and shelter.  Approximately 50 dwellings in Moyombe, 20 dwellings in Masak and 30 dwellings in Savanne Carre have been seriouslu damaged.  As of 10-26-18 eight families continue to live within the Church Compound at St. Joseph Parish in Pendus.  There has been substantial damage to the nearest hospital in Gros Morne, Haiti.  Two deaths were reported in Gros Morne.  Food for the Poor has provided some food assistance.  The Haiti Ministry has been able to forward some initial funds to assist with acute needs while further assessment of the situation is being carried out.

See also https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article219635075.html.