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With both the prayerful and monetary support of St. Mary Cathedral parishioners and the greater Lafayette community, we have accomplished many wonderful improvements in Pendus, its surrounding six chapels and in Gros Morne (the nearest big city to Pendus).

Despite all that God has accomplished through this twinning relationship, there remains much more still to do.

There is a Haitian proverb that says, “Piti Piti Zwazo Fe Nich Li” – which translates into “Little by little the bird builds its nest.”¬† It is applicable to our mission because we try not to be overwhelmed by all that we see that needs done, but rather “little by little” accomplish what we can.

Remember the parable of the multiplication of the loaves – you do what you can (provide the five loaves and two fishes) and God will do what you can’t (feed over 5,000 with leftovers)!

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