Clean Water

There is a water crisis in Haiti that affects our sister-parish in Pendus. Dr. Schmidt and other doctors involved in our ministry have said, good, clean drinking water will do more for the overall health of the community than almost anything else we can do for them.

Our partnership to bring clean water to Pendus is with Jeff and Mike Ritter at Deep Springs International (DSI) (

The remarks from the families have been amazing.  Comments such as, “My children have not had diarrhea,” or “My children have not been sick,” were heard frequently!

Since children are the biggest benefactors in using Gift of Water, youth groups in the Lafayette area have helped us raise funds.  They include

    • Vacation Bible School at the United Methodist Church in Thorntown and
    • the sixth grade class at Pine Village Elementary School

With their help, St. Mary added 600 units to the program.

If you, or your organization, would like to make a donation to aid us in our activities to bring clean, healthy water to the people of Pendus, Haiti, please visit our donations page.

For more information about the water crisis, here are a couple of resources.