Mission Trips

The most important aspect of our twinning relationship is building relationships.  As with any relationship, the more time spent together, the stronger that relationship becomes.

Since 2000, parishioners of The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception have made yearly trips to Haiti to nurture relationships with parishioners of St. Joseph in Pendus, Haiti.


Over 80 different people – many of whom have made multiple trips – have now visited Pendus.  Even without speaking Creole, one can interact with the villagers of Pendus in many ways, whether it is by playing with the children, sharing time at Mass together, helping at the dispensary or simply being present in Pendus or its six surrounding chapels.


Just as within any family situation, we have experienced

    • children growing into adults,
    • the birth of babies
    • graduations
    • weddings
    • illnesses and even the deaths of our friends

One of Haiti’s many proverbs is “Sa je pa wè, kè pa tounen” which translates to “What the eye has not seen, the heart can not feel.”  It reflects the meaning behind our many visits to Pendus over the years as each one of us that has traveled to Haiti has been touched by the experience.


St. Mary Cathedral has tried to have two visits per year – one to coincide with the Feast of St. Joseph in March and one over Christmas break.  Other trips will be planned as we further build our medical missions, Habitat and other projects.

The next scheduled trip will be December 27 – January 3, 2018. For information, contact us at stmaryhaiti@gmail.com.

To see pictures of previous trips or read it’s journal, click on this link. http://saintmaryhaiti.com/journals/